The First Year

First year college student, how will you remember your first year of college? What was your favorite moment of your fall term? Is it academic? Social? Personal? Why is it your favorite? What special memories have your created during Spring term thus far?

The first year of college is generally filled with amazing firsts! The people you’ve met, the crazy events in the residence hall, the first big exam, the fall term grades, each has a lasting impact on where you go from this moment.

How do you plan to conclude this first year? Are you striving for academic achievements? Are you hosting a special event for a club or organization? Are you applying for a summer internship/job which may lead you to the “perfect” major and down a career path? Are you taking advantage of an academic program that allows you to see the world by going abroad or across the nation?

Make each first something you are proud of! Finish the term strong, give your best to your professors, the learning, your classmates and most importantly, yourself! Stay motivated to return for a great second!

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