The importance of acquiring textbooks

So, you’ve attended orientation; you’ve made a packing list and checked it twice; you’ve even registered for classes and downloaded the campus map so you can make it to your building on time for class (if you’ve not done this, do it!).  But, have you bought your textbooks?!  Do you know which texts are required for your courses?

At our university, and at many institutions, faculty book orders are due to the university bookstore about 6 months in advance of classes starting; while some faculty aren’t on time with their orders, by now, most faculty will have submitted a textbook requirement list to the university bookstore.  For our students, via their student center, they can view the textbooks that are required for each of their courses (assuming a text is assigned).  If not viewable in your student center, go to the bookstore’s homepage and find information about your class (by title, usually); you will be able to see/view required texts.  I can not stress this enough:  find out today what textbooks are required for each of your classes.  Purchase via the bookstore or some other online source; make sure the texts are available to you from the night before classes start.

I am currently teaching a 6 week summer course; two of my students do not yet have their texts.  While I have deep sympathy for them, there is nothing I can do to help them.  The library does not have copies of the text (but if the library did, most likely it would have one copy not multiple copies) for them to check out and read.  So, instead, I receive desperate emails from the students asking advice:  my advice was listed on the syllabus — that each student received on day one of the class:  make sure each student has access to the texts immediately.  The information has been available since April (it is now August).

We give you this advice in true love and kindness:  we know texts are expensive; we know they aren’t your favorite books.  But, we also know that they are one of the KEYS to a successful first year (and other years) of college!  Go forth and buy your texts!

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