Theory vs. Practice

Recently this article, A Year Out of College and Working, caught my attention – I figured it may be a bit humorous and have some useful advice for current students; it had both. The advice I am pulling out to share with you is…

It is a tough realization that your degree does not automatically translate into the skills needed for a job. An internship in your career can help you understand the skills needed, expectations and more. … No college course can teach you a company’s work process or work flow.

Students: no matter what year of college you are in, start looking for an internship, or job, in the field you want to pursue after college, now! The quote above is 100% accurate, theory (taught in the classroom) is not equal to practice (hands-on experience). Visit your college’s career center for information on internships and jobs; begin your major related hands-on experience as soon as possible!

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