Time to breathe (and reflect)

So, the first year is done.  Done.

Grades may not yet be posted, and maybe you have a few days until your summer job starts (or whatever is on your ‘summer plate’).  Here is something to consider as you ‘look forward’ in the midst of reflection:

Uncertain about your major?

Not sure what career you want?  Or, will be able to land?

But, you do know that you want the thing(s) that “makes you happy,” “earns you money,” and “is not boring.”

Consider this advice given to someone searching for a career.

As you can read there, looking for the “just right” job/major/friend/situation is not necessarily the best plan.  Try out new things; embrace new situations (including friends).  Give everything you’ve got to what you are doing now.  Be in this moment and breathe.  Enjoy “summer” even if it is crazy busy and not a vacation.  Enjoy reflecting on what you’ve accomplished this past academic year.  Look forward to next academic year.

But, in the meantime.  Look around and enjoy who and where you are right now.

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