Want to be more alert, joyful and aware?

In the intial drafts of our book (On the Quad), Heidi and I knew we wanted to be sure to mention the importance and benefits of napping.  We did mention it (can you find where in the book?!).

More research has recently come out confirming earlier research that states how beneficial napping is. In fact, this article states that napping can be an essential resource in our tool kits  –  one we can control!

But, how long should you nap?  For students, an hour nap can be highly beneficial for learning and retaining information; here they say it is like re-booting your brain!

If you just need to recharge yourself, try a 20-minute “power nap.”

If you have been skimping on night time sleep and need a full sleep cycle, then go for a 90-minute nap.

This is especially helpful to keep in mind as finals’ weeks approach.  Do yourself a favor; take a nap to help your scores!




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