Where to Enroll?

Have you been accepted to more than one school of your choice?  How will you choose?

Go back to the notes you took about each of the schools where you have gained admission.  Re-read what you noted:  What is the atmosphere of the campus?  What struck you about the students?  Is it the rigor you were hoping for (too easy or too challenging?)?  Does it have one of your possible majors?  Remember the worksheets from Chapters 1 and 3 in the book – find those worksheets and take some time to reflect on your responses and information.

Check out student reviews of colleges at unigo.com, colleges.niche.com, or StudentsReview. You can read what students think about many colleges.

If the schools did not offer you a financial aid package that will work for you and your family’s budget, then that fact alone may make your decision.

Be confident in each of the schools you applied to; take heart in knowing that there was a set of criteria that made each school you applied to a ‘good fit’ for you (or else you wouldn’t have applied).


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