Which institutions should you consider attending?

This is a shout out to all you sophomores and juniors who are tagging along with older siblings as they attend orientations in nearby or far flung places.  Are you intrigued with the process you are witnessing?  Are you already thinking about where you will apply and maybe attend in one or two years?  This is a great chance to learn from your older friends/siblings and start the process on your own!

As our book points out, you need to think about your COLLEGE EXPERIENCE PRIORITIES.  What kind of college do you want to attend?  What kind of college experiences do you seek?  College is an experience — and you need to make the most of the process, not just the final result (which we hope will be a degree).

Parents are often most concerned about the financial consequences of your choice.  But we say to parents:  do not only consider price tags and fees.

Students are often not sure just what exactly to be concerned about, so they adopt their parents’ concern:  financial, institutional prestige (vs academic prestige), and location.

To really begin to consider where to attend and what kind of schools to even gather information on, we offer the ‘self inventory worksheet’ — it is available for free on our website under “worksheets.”  Check it out!  The first item might be the hardest:  “My reasons to go to college include . . . “.  Really think about this.  Why do you want to go to college?  Other items of inquiry include “My goals are . . . ” and “Activities I want to be part of while in college are . . .”.  These are great places to start your considerations regarding college.

Next week I’ll post more about things to consider as you watch your friends and siblings go through orientation . . .things that will help you when it’s your turn.  And that is just around the corner!

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