(Yawn) . . . sleep much?

Are you getting into your college routine?  Making new friends?!   Staying up late?! Going for late night pizza and donut runs?!  Are you already exhausted and school has barely started (or maybe not even yet)?

Today’s blog is simple:  sleep is critically important to your overall health.  Don’t starve yourself of it too much.

Consider this quote from this article:

“Chronic sleep loss contributes to higher rates of depression, suicidal ideation, and obesity. Long-term deprivation has also been shown to be a factor in lower test scores, decreased attention span, tardiness, concentration, and overall academic achievement.”

As the article acknowledges, research shows that teenagers need extra morning sleep in particular; but, if you’ve already registered for that 8 AM class, then you need to be alert and ready to attend/listen/take notes.  SO . . .on the nights before that class, give yourself a break and go to bed earlier than typical.  You can always burn the midnight oil the NEXT night.

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